At Tharptown Baptist Church we want our students to Love God, Love Others, and Spread the Gospel. The student ministry desires students to be rooted in Christ where they are taught to seek God’s will, grow in their faith and live for Christ by reaching out to those around them where ever they are. We seek to incorporate students into the life of the church. It is our hope to see all students grow up into Christ and be mature godly men and women with a biblical worldview and a passion for God’s glory in all things!

The student ministry is for students in grades 6 through 12.  We meet at 6 pm on Wednesday nights.

This page is regularly updated so that you can stay informed with what is going on in the life our our student ministry and church!






Whitewater Rafting

Things you need to bring:
Clothes to raft in(Guys shirt and swim trunk. Girls shirt and athletic shorts, if you prefer can have bathing suit underneath that). You will be wearing a life jacket so I would recommend wearing a shirt.

Towel and change of dry clothes.

Shoes: you can wear any type of closed toe tennis shoe. I prefer wearing chacos or some type of sandal that straps tight. Do not wear crocs because they will not stay on your feet and you will probably loose them in the river.

For those driving they have a box to safely keep your keys. Do not take your keys with you on the river. They will get lost and you will be locked out of your vehicle. I have seen this happen and a group and they had to wait for a locksmith to come make them a new key.

If you have any questions or safety concerns about this trip please let me know.